Bella Cajon

  • When: 3rd Mar 3:15pm
  • Where: Community Stage
  • Show map

Bella Cajon (pronounced ‘ka-hon’) have been bringing their gypsy flavoured dance grooves to the streets and bars of Wellington since 2009. With the peruvian box-drum, the cajon, at the heart of the band, this 8 piece rag-tag of experienced musicians possesses the spark to ignite every dancefloor.

Bella Cajon draw on an eclectic range of musical flavours to take their listeners on a musical journey. Instrumentals sit alongside Spanish sing alongs and political raps – but whatever the song, the beat is strong.

Recently returned from their tour of the Top of the South, and soon to take a break while some members move to Spain, this may be your last chance to catch the mighty Bella Cajon for some time to come.

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