• When: 3rd Mar 3:00pm
  • Where: Mainstreet Stage
  • Show map

Once you experience Mihirangi’s empowering live loop show, you’ll be hooked into her organic earthy vibe and captivated by her stunning vocal performance. It’s easy to see why they call her, ‘The Queen of Loops’.

Mihirangi has recently found fame reaching the finals of New Zealand’s Got Talent.

Mihirangi has had an expansive journey, having toured for 7 years, 5 times around the globe and performing at more than 50 international festivals. She is a dynamic musician as much of her live acts are in freestyle form, as in, made up on the spot. She has captured her favourite songs from these experiences in the studio and now, Mihirangi is about to release nd these on her much-anticipated 2 album – ‘Some body Shake The Tree’.

"“Infectious joy oozes from her very being, and captured our hearts… one of the most exciting, original and conscious solo performers of Australasia. This girl has got so much raw talent and enthusiasm it is an honour to watch her perform.” Concert Review - The Very Good Agency – Victoria Australia State Museum"

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