Road closures

On Festival Fair Day – Sunday March 3rd 2013 - Newtown’s mainstreet and several side streets are closed, buses are diverted, and a one-way system operates.

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These changes will apply from 6am – 8pm on Fair Day – Sunday 3rd March 2013.

Road closures AND no parking

  • Rintoul Street from Riddiford St to Colombo St = No Buses on Rintoul St
  • Riddiford Street from Mein to just after Donald MacLean St
  • Emmett Street All
  • Green Street All
  • Wilson Street mid point to Riddiford St Closed till 9.30pm
  • Constable Street from Daniell St to Riddiford St
  • Newtown Avenue mid point to Riddiford St
  • Normanby Street mid point to Riddiford St
  • Donald McLean Street from Fergusson St to Riddiford St

One-way streets

  • Daniell Street – ONE WAY NORTH from Constable St to Mein St
  • Owen Street – ONE WAY SOUTH from Mein St to Constable St

No parking

  • Rintoul Street opposite the Community Centre east side only
  • Colombo Street from Rintoul St to number 20 north side only = the ‘narrows’ (In wet weather Colombo Street will be Closed at Rintoul St)
  • Mein Street Riddiford St to Daniell St both sides and from Daniell St to Owen St north side only
  • Hall Street Riddiford St to Adelaide Rd south side only
  • Daniell Street at Constable St and also at Mein St west side only
  • Owen Street at Mein St and also at Constable St east side only

We are very sorry but vehicles parked in “no parking” areas will be ticketed & towed away with the costs charged to the owner !

 Bus diversions

  • The ISLAND BAY BUS will run in Adelaide Rd = Route 4
  • The Rintoul St and Luxford St bus route is CLOSED


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