Sam Manzanza and his Afro Beat Band

  • When: 3rd Mar 10:15am
  • Where: Community Stage
  • Show map

The AFRO BEAT BAND is led by Sam Manzanza, a N.Z based African performance artist with over 20 years experience as entertainer.

Sam has performed his infectious brand of authentic African music to audiences all over the globe.

He is the man who popularised traditional and modern African music in N.Z.  A versatile instrumentalist, composer and singer, he plays blues harp, guitar and percussion. He composes most of the songs his band performs, and sings in French, Lingala and English.

His knowledge of traditional rhythms is honed by years spent with the national ballet of Zaire under Ray Lema.  He has enlivened and enchanted many ceremonial occasions in N.Z from the Auckland commonweath Drum Festival in 1990 to various events in Government house, The Beehive in Wellington and elsewhere.

During his years in N.Z Sam has toured widely trough out the country, solo and with his band.  His Fast-Paced blend of African music, Ska, Hot, Spicy and Afrobeat is taken from Tribal beat with a lyrical mix languages to make the temperature rising is always a hit with audience.

AFRO BEAT BAND and Afro beat Maestro ll make you happy and get up and dance with the music for the soul. You’ll not need to go to gym next day.  They are an experience not to be missed.  The sounds you’ll hear to day are just part of his wide-ranging talent.

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