• When: 3rd Mar 3:30pm
  • Where: Wilson St Stage
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The lead single, Cobra Jacket, of this record, despite (or perhaps contrarily because of) reaching number one on the Radio Active top ten – has been criminally ignored by bFM. Aside from my own radio plays and the other occasional attention by some great DJs, it never even got play-listed. Alabama Shakes got playlisted though. Just saying. The song in question is angular and synth-y and subtly understated. It’s like if Passion Pit were a bit more interesting; perhaps. Second single Peter Pandemic glitches and pops along right after Cobra in the album track-listing and is an admirable follow up.

Sharkness is the muchly-elecrtonica solo work of Robin Hinkley of Good Laika and Bleakhouse, produced by Age Pryor and engineered by Dr Lee Prebble and this record is a fun and interesting collection of quirky pop songs interpolated with introspective ballads (This Is War, Unstcuk) which serve to add contrast and perhaps even reprise.

Tracks like Right Now and the more rollicking Danger are summer barbeque soundtracks in the waiting (with not a hint of shit reggae to be smelt!). While tracks like Little Fish, Big Teeth and the aforementioned Peter Pandemic are quirky pop gems – just left enough off centre to be interesting while remaining accessible – which, when I think about it is a good summation of the whole record. Highly recommended if you want to play something most other barbecues aren’t this summer, probably. – review by Andrew Tidball

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