Solid Gold Sound System

  • When: 11:00am
  • Where: Rintoul St
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Late on the evening of the 21st of December 2012 a strange event went
largely un-noticed in the Aro Valley.
A bright red rocket crash landed into the front yard of an Epuni St
house – occupants of the house raced to see if there was any signs of
life on board – none we’re found. Closer inspection of the craft
revealed a bright red disco console  and a collection of old vinyl
records dating back as far as the 1950′s but very strongly focussed on
the golden period better known as 1980′s. The craft also contained an
encoded message  - the world hasn’t ended – it is just beginnning -
this craft contains everything you’ll need to spread love throughout
your  planet  turning confusion and turmoil into love and unleashing
the very powerful and mystic juju contained in these  solid gold

Join us as we, following in the footsteps of  Akbar nubian the great
Disco Alchemist and mystic –  attempt to  turn base music into Solid
Gold.  Witness the juju on the 3rd of march at the Newtown Festival
from midday in front of the Sally Army Shop Rintoull St.

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