The Shot Band

  • When: 3rd Mar 11:00am
  • Where: Mainstreet Stage
  • Show map

A constant feature on stages all over New Zealand, The Shot Band make friends from strangers every time they step onstage. Energy, caustic wit, sweet harmony and great songs make The Shot Band a guaranteed good time for all.
Rob Joass, Hamish Graham and Bill Hickman are a lean, stand up acoustic band whose warm harmonies and onstage vitality serves to showcase three very distinctive singer/songwriters.
“An amazing performance…the night ended with fans wanting more and more” 
Paramount Theatre review, Hayley Miles, Capital Times.
The 1st Ep Songs about Drinkin’ & Dyin’ laid the template. Songs steeped in a love of folk, Americana and the imagery of classic storyteller song writing. Themes of trains, guns, alcohol and women are offset by a delivery and humour that is distinctly antipodean. These are no ten gallon hat wearing neon cowboys, The Shot Band are as happy covering Motorhead as they are singing their rich accapella harmonies.
“The spirit of Johnny Cash meets the swagger of Keith Richards”- Nick Bollinger.
The full length debut ‘The Shot Band” on Red Rocks Records is an all originals set that broadens the bands initial promise. Taking advantage of the studio and friends the album features a more diverse array of instrumentation while the songwriting widens in scope. The wry humour remains in tunes like ‘My Lord’ (often described by the band onstage as an Australian spiritual crisis) & ‘One Hit Wonder’ but ‘Short Memory’, ‘The Only Way To Leave’ & ‘Dead In The Water’ provide an emotional punch that reveals more depth & sensitivity. Of course, no night is complete without a little alcohol and murder, ‘To The Bar’ and ‘This Time’ remain staples of the live shows and are clearly true to the original vision.
“Excellent” –Michael Flynn. New Zealand Musician.
2010 saw the release of Bill Hickman’s solo debut ‘Ghost of Smoke’ and The Shot Band’s 2nd Ep ‘Asking for trouble’. A return to the stripped back ethos of Drinkin’ & Dyin’, the Ep has only one overdub, a solo over the fiery track ‘Poison Moon’.

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